Friday, August 13, 2010

Tech Levels and Difficulty

Each tutorial includes a tech level and a difficulty level. User levels describe who would be interested in the tutorial and difficulty levels describe how hard it is to actually accomplish the tutorial.

Tech Level:
1:I’m Total beginner. What is this “com-pu-tor” you speak of my good man?
2:I’ve never spoken into my mouse. Wait, which one is the mouse?
3:I’m an everyday computer user. I like stuff to just work.
4:I’ve like to make changes to my OS, upgrade my hardware myself, and probably write scripts and simple programs.
5:I’m a professional developer and/or 133t h4x0r. I’m looking over your bank statements now.

Difficulty Level:
1:Super easy. Like just changing a options settings. Concepts are as simple as it gets.
2:Easy. You might have to set a few options.
3:Neither hard nor easy. You'll have to do a little bit of thinking but it won't be too complex.
4:Moderately difficult. You'll definitely have to put your brain in gear and think about what we're saying.
5:Pro-level. You'll probably have to write some code and the concepts discussed will be fairly complex.

These two can be mixed in any combination. For instance a pro user can have a super easy tutorial and a new user can have a complex tutorial. As would be expected the difficulty level is scaled to the user so what might be hard for a new user would be easy for a pro user.

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